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New Domina 3.5 by Valhelsing2
New Domina 3.5
Not Completed.
(85% of the work done)

still adding more thinks to the imagen for a better view of this nice and fantasy place.

you can see some icynes  (half farmers half warriors)
Varrok minigame by Valhelsing2
Varrok minigame
  • (early fan concept for f2p)
have complete the Demon slayer Quest.

-fight against many waves of skeletons, zombies and demons and a final boss like a necromancer whit uniques drops.

Lamps of Exp.
royal Varrok guard armour and shield.
counter part of the silverlight the Necrolight(bonusses agains the Saradomin npcs).
Demon and skeleton robes (rework not from old event ).
the Missed Crumble Spell.(powerfull against skeletons).
a nice bandages + and ++ what can heal 4000 and 8000 (one use for day) 2000 and 3000 on Pvp wilderness.

and a rare or very rare reward: "missionary."
capable to use the "rest option" on the prayer icon and yes "pray to your god" and restore the prayer slowy very slowy like the x2 stat restore.
very userful on f2p where the member prayer potion can't work.

Monsters drop
Gold coins
bones (lots)
zamorak whine
demon Ashes (lots)
potions (f2p)

this maybe can be a daily event and not a minigame.


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Gave you a lama, you have albino lama now :P
Valhelsing2 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha wtf
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