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t'zun remora by Valhelsing2
t'zun remora
My idea about a new runescape Boss, 
Island Unlockeable via player-own-ports (jade-terracota) random for travel to the Cursed Island.
there a Mermaid/siren will ask you for some help
(travel/cinematic)and you will appear on the boss room, a big kraken with an evil mermaid will attack the Mermaids City(entrance)
you can melee/ranged/magic attack him,  the kraken is the same power level as Vorago, once defeated T'Zun remora, will fight you (King kalfite) power attack.

the drop it's the weapon of the evil mermaid. tier lvl 95 ranged.

I'm working on the concept of Melee and magic tier 95.
I know jagex will not introduce lvl's 95 weapons but that not work for my imagination XD.

My view Of inventor by Valhelsing2
My view Of inventor
:) If i misspell something just tell me.

alternate history 2: ...Of a long journey Treenock found a kind of ancient tech, it was lost millenias ago... ; the Tools of the gnomes from another realm, it will sound like alien tech on the actual runescape date...

alternate history 3: ...(another name for this gnome)  came from the Gnome plane, and bring you tools from his world, but on the //space-travel// he lost his memories...

this is just an idea, don't be mad XD... If you do not understand well, it will bring you some bonusses and more variety to the game.  12 years of the same wc way is boring so an skill rework will take ages maybe a nice improvement is just all we need...   I've seen some high combat levels with low skilling skill on 20... 12 XD... that make me think about this.

Share it and fav, I lov You all...
                                                      -Legend Arts


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Gave you a lama, you have albino lama now :P
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hahaha wtf
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Thanks for your lama :)
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